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Lang Co beach

Lang Co is a pretty island of palm-shaded sand with a crytal-clear turquoise blue lagoon on one side and many kilometres of beachfront facing the south China sea on the other. It’s a tranquil spot and lots of travellers make a lunch stop here and some spend the night. There are spectacular views of Lang Co, which is just north of Hai Van pass, from both National Highway 1 and the train linking Danang and Hue.

Lang Co was the Most beautiful bays in the world club in 2009and located  under the winding road of Hai Van Pass,Lang Co Bay appearsin the eyesof tourists is a scene of sea and sky blending with green mountains. Standing on Hai Van Pass looking down on Lang Co Bay, an immense natural picture is displayed below the eyes of visitors. The  coastline has  10kilometres long with white sand andthe blue sea. The perfect curve of Lang Co Bay can be considered the most beautiful and charming curve in Vietnam's bays.

ArrivingLang Co, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the rustic pristine beauty. Lang Co has not been so artificializedthatlosing its natural beauty. On the one side is the majestic Truong Son mountain range, on one side is the gently curved coastline of the sea. Lang Colooks like a beautiful Hue girl-gently nestled on a green mountain. You will be able to seeall the trainshugging themselves along the mountain, looking down on Lang Co, they saw all the charming shy beauty of the bay - a harmonious beauty of nature.

From about April to Julyevery years, thisplace was filled with an extremely cool atmosphere, boats are waiting for the fishermen to go out to the sea. The beach is the sea of ​​spinach, orchid, purple flowers all over the sky .. Arriving in Lang Co, visitors should choose to buy some seafood such as lobster, tiger shrimp, silver shrimp, prawn, tiger shrimp, mussel green, pearl, blood cockle, .. at Lang Co fishing village. Lang Co's cuisine is a harmonious blend between two lands: Hue and Da Nang. The soup of crab meatis so delicious, crab plate and red shrimp are boiled  that make the visitors feel excited. Stop to buy some scallop sauce - specialties here to bring home as gifts for relatives and friends, for a more complete and happy trip.

The coast of Lang Co, sitting anywherecan alsosees that the beach is "the most beautiful in the world". The sea water in Lang Co is clear, and you can see small fish hovering beside the boat. Sitting on the white sand enjoys several waves from one time to the next, it makes our mind become more tranquil. VisittingMy An hot streamto bath for healthy people, then visitors can visit the tombs of the Nguyen dynasty kings. Lead head out and join in our Hue countryside tour- a really awesome way to see all walks of Vietnam life.

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