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Khe Sanh combat base

To learn more about Vietnam war and the spirit of Vietnamese people at war time, Khe Sanh combat base is one of the most famous and attractive destinations for tourists all over the world when coming to Vietnam.
Khe sanh Combat Base is located in a valley of red land, in the center of Huong Hoa district - a mountainous district in the western border of Quang Tri province-about 400metresabove sea level, four surface is rolling hills. At Khe Sanh, many huge battles took out such as Route 9 – Khe Sanh campaign  in 1968, the campaign Route 9 – Southern Laos in 1971. This place has been recorded in history and was known by the whole world.
In 1968, Khe Sanh became the second most famous place in the world. But that is not  famous because of  the most beautiful scenery, the best  fresh  atmosphere, or the most visited foreign tourists. Khe Sanh was really well known because there were many big battles in this area in 1967 and 1968.
Khe Sanh combat Baseare the most frequently reminded in 1968 and this is the time of the Offensive Tet when the vietnmaese community  opened campaign  to attrack to everywhere in Vietnam ,it  is also considered one of the largest battles in the world. When coming here, visitors will have interesting experiences such as coming to Khe Sanh Victory Monument, you will feel the resonance of history always echoed and the old stories never seem to end.   
Morever, Khe Sanh Combat Base has also Ta Con base clusterwith the Ta Con airport  where is keeping many items on the 1968 victory:exhibitor, trenches, tunnels commander, barbed wire, runway, aircraft, artillery, tanks and many other infrastructure items…when you come to Ta Con, you will see severalreal items from the war which will help you imagine how fierce the battle was. Today, the site is occupied by a small museumwhich contains some fascinating old photographs, plus a few reconstructed bunkers and American aircraft. Most of the area is now planted with coffee, and vendors offer high-grade local Arabica beans for sale at the entrance. After visiting Khe Sanh, you cancontinue to visit Ben Hai, Hien Luong and Vinh Moc tunnels. All of them made our trip become memorable.
If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam and want to discover more about the history as well as historical sitesor if you want to know more about Vietnam war as well asthe spirit of Vietnamese people at war time,you should not miss Khe SanhCombat Base .
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