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Hai Van pass

Hai Van Pass, whose name means pass of the ocean clouds,crosses over a spur of the Truong Son mountain range that just into the south China sea . About 30 km north of Da Nang, national highway 1 climbs to an elevation of about 500 metres,20 kilometres long passing south of the Ai Van Son peak, cutting across Bach Ma Mountain Range between Thua Thien-Hue Province and Da Nang City, Vietnam. The railway track, with its many tunnels, runs around the peninsula, following the shoreline to avoid the hills. It’s an incredibly mountians stretch of highway with spectacular views.

Nowadays, the Hai Van Pass is a climate fence between the tropical region and a 2-season climate: the dry season and the rainy season. Going on National Highway No. 1, you will feel the cool breeze and enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way to one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

From Da Nang, according to the National Highway No. 1, crossing  the Nam O River, next to a village has same name, which is famous throughout the country for producing the famous fish sauce. From here, the road gradually slopes up  until it reaches the top , you will sees bay and city below suddenly, it is a stunningly beautiful sight. Far away, the white sandy of Non Nuoc beach stretches to the horizon.

From a height of 496 metres, these passes of ocean clouds give us impressive views of Vietnam's long stretch of coastline. At the top of the pass, there is a small shrine worshiping the mountain god, symbolized by a tiger statue.You can take some photos with these unique views for your journey.

When The road begins down to Hue city. Looking from above, the road  like the threal running around with many bends makes us feel like the road lasts forever. At the end of the pass is a breathtaking landscape that appears before your eyes: the beach and the fishing village of Lang Co.Lang Co is a great address for a trip over Hai Van Pass. From here, on the deltaroads, you can comfortably watch the rice fields and peaceful villages along the two roads leading to Hue city.All as a make up a beautiful landscape picture.

It’s wonderful for who are  interested in backpack in one of the most beautiful mountain pass here. With believes who love dusty, adventurous, it is impossible to miss the opportunity to conquer a spectacular pass as Hai Van with winding ramps…but also full of charm with the beauty of nature , mountain, seas.

Do you want to stand on Hai Van pass with clouds flying to the top of the mountain to see the central intestine, discover the beauty between the two cutures and immerse in historical stories of Vietnamese ancestors through this pass, now do not hesitate any longer and take your backpack to go!

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