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Hoi An city

Hoi An ancient town is locatedon the north bank near the mouth of the Thu Bon in vietnam’s central quang Nam Province, 30 kilometres south of Da Nang. Hoi An ancient townwasfound from 16th century. Nowadays, Hoi An attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists by its ancient and gentleness beauty.

Hoi An ancient town is a famous site because of the historic, peaceful beauty, here is still present a total of old architectural relics consist of many buildings, pagodas, temples, wells, bridges, ethnic churches, ports, markets ...The sight of Hoi An ancient town is painted an old green color like a lively picture. Until now, Hoi An has become a unique site in vietnam and rarely see in the world.It is consided a living museum about architecture and town’s living style.

Hoi An ancient town  always has a strange attractive to tourists not only in Vietnam but also abroad as well.With the old green brick roof, Japanese covered bridge likes unique archway pass over Hoai river, many old wells were used three centuries ago, each relic has a own beauty that nowhere has.

When the first time coming to Hoi An ancient town, tourists will have a feeling like be backed to the atsmosphere of the 16th-17th century which there is not the same as the modern life.Not only the atmosphere is so peaceful and fresh but also the traffic is  not as  noisy as another city.It’s worthy for everyone to experience living here no matter just one time.

In the visitors eyes, Hoi an ancient town is attractive and perfect anytime.In the morning, Hoi An has drawn clearly by the walls, the old roofs, brick roads, and many houses were wraped by paper fowers with pink,red or white…all of them were come into the cameras of many foreigner tourists. In the evening, Hoi An wears a new coat, sparking and fanciful. The visitors often like nights in Hoi An .Night in Hoi an is difference from daytime. The cities were lighted by both candles and electric lights, what a romantic space! Wherever is also decorated by many lanterns – all lantern are made from hands of the local people here. Especially, on middle days of lunar months , the whole city turns light off so Hoi An highlights by the typical lights. People  hang out is more and more crowed.

There are many dishes with native taste here such as dumplings, cauldron cakes, chicken rice ... Especially, Quang noodle and Cao Lau are the typical dishes of Hoi An, visitting Hoi An without enjoying a bowl of Quang noodle or Cao Lau ,it  looks like you never come to Hoi An. Don’t miss the special taste of the delicious dishes in Hoi An.It will make you remember forever.

On the itinerary of discovering the endless beauty of Vietnam as well as  the journey  throughs Central tourism tours can not miss this site. With its unique architectural and cultural values, Hoi An has become one of the ten most attractive destinations in Asia.

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