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Bach Ma national park

Bach Ma, a French hill station known for its wonderful weather, is 55 kilometres south-west of Hue. Bach Ma is 1200 metres above sea level but only 20 km from Canh Duong Beach. It’s is location looks ideal for guarding the coastline near Hai Van pass.

Visiting Bach Ma National Park, you will see clouds like white horses accompanying you. And the summit of Bach Ma with a height of 1,450m above the sea level, covereded against the blue sky as welcoming the traveler. The cool atmosphere here will make light  the steps for you to conquer all the beauty of destinations such as Hai Vong Dai, Dia Dao, Ngu Ho, Do Quyen waterfall, Tri Sao, Cho Den forest.

The breathtaking view of nature unfolds before when you set foot on Hai Vong Dai, you will be able to see the "Hue imperial road around, the blue mountain and green sea as picturesque", with Cau Hai lagoon image full of tranquil products, or the Truoi lake with Lang Co bay  far away is nestled on the vast sea.

Following the trail under the canopy of primeval forest, sometimes leaning back the old tree, visitors are immersed in nature ... and you will come to the top of the Do Quyen waterfall above 300 metres high like a silk strip white fluttering in the middle of the green forest. If you want to add challenge, you can climb down about 700 steps to see firsthand the majestic beauty of the most famous waterfall of this National Park. In addition, there are many rhododendron trees in the cliffs and streams in the spring.  

The Ngu Ho Trail which runs through the empty forest edges, is equally attractive that will take you to the lyrical waterfall next to the clear lakes, it’s ideal for you to immerse in the cool water in the middle of wild and romantic  landscape or you can visit Cho Den forest with many big old trees that have more than one meter diameter and over 30 metres high. Here, you can participate in aerial games such as cable swing or climbing the net tens of meters high.

At night, near and far travelers can walk under a nature house roof  of Bach Ma, enjoy tea and wine together, sing or dance around the flames of the campfire, or let the soul peaceful in the middle of the great sound. What’s more about Bach Ma National park tour, that is visitors can take park in a ‘Discover the wild world at night’ trip, to observe some animals going out to eat in the forest, promises to be very interesting experiences.

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