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Hue city

Hue - land of many physical cultural heritage. Hue became a topic for poetry with the most beautiful words. “The beauty of Hue is nowhere to be found, Gentle mixs contemplation ”. In 1993 the ancient imperial complex of Hue was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, With the system of architectural temples, palaces ... Over thousands of years of history, Hue palace still remains its own beauty and becomes the proud of the local people here. Visitors come to Hue also have a chance to admire the system of magnificent and magnificent tombs, each tomb has its own beauty that depicts a part of the personality and life of the king such as Gia Long tomb, Khai Dinh tomb. , Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb ... In addition, Hue's music was also recognized as a human and intangible masterpiece in 2003 by UNESCO. This is the kind of music performed for kings  watch on important days such as: happy life, reception of envoys ... Besides these ritual music types, Hue is also known for sweet songs that you will not regret when listen to.

The hictorical beauty of Hue will become more excited and romantic when there is Ngu Mountain, Huong River with Truong Tien Bridge ... The image of the girls in the purple long dress with the poem hat reached to visitor's heart when visiting this beautiful city. However, Hue has become an endless source of inspiration for many domestic and foreign writers. Hue people are very gentle,and friendly, their life are still peaceful and peaceful as the Huong River .Their hospitality and openness also contribute to a beautiful impression in the hearts of tourists.

It would be very lacking ofwhen visitingto Hue without discovering Thien Mu Pagoda, the most magnificent temple in Hue. For four centuries now, Thien Mu pagoda with the early bells ringing, echoing, wonderful scenes in the sunrise,sunsetor moonlit nights, the cool wind has symbolized the peaceful and poetic beauty of Hue land. The bell of the pagoda went into the poem, the song,and get impressivesand memories in the heart of the Hue people as well as tourists to Hue city.Moreover, if you come to Hue but do not visit Dong Ba market to buy something as souvenir or you can go around for enjoy special foods here, it will be wasted in your trip because this market is the most famous market for a long time in Hue city

Hue also atracted tourists by the unique cusine culture from the simple to complex food . Coming to Hue you must enjoy delicious beef noodle dish in Hue style. The dish looks like a rustic dish, but it has a very private brand for a long time,no matter where you go you will have to remember forever. In addition, there is also mussel rice - a dish which is both simple and frugal but still have own tasties of Hue. It seem a simple dish but it contains an art, a very special tip of Hue local people. Besides that rustic dishes, Hue is also famous for the luxurious royal dishes such as spring rolls, pancake ... Tourists who come to Hue always have a change to experience these special dishes.

Hue is also an ideal traveling plaecs that can not pass for person who enjoy discovering historical sites and cutural of Vietnam. With a unique culture was contributed from thousands of years, over many challenges of history, the ancient capital of Hue is still amazingly beautiful. Today, Hue city has developed more than before, but the values of Hue’s living culture and daily life still unchanged. Let’s come to beautiful Hue city for an experience in your life and then you will be impressed and never want to leave.

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