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The Wonderful Exploration of Bach Ma National Park

Being a part of the Annamite range, also known as the natural border between Hue and Danang, Bach Ma National Park is well-known for its biodiversity of precious animals and plants. An adventure route to explore Bach Ma National Park Tour on jeep car is one of the greatest experiences that nature lovers should not miss.

Covering an area of 22,000 hectares with the peak at the altitude of 1450 meters above sea level, Bach Ma National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in Vietnam and offers visitors a lot of beautiful natural landscapes to discover with fascinating outdoor activities.

The first place to reach when you start exploring Bach Ma National Park is Hai Vong Dai. It is located right on the summit of the Bach Ma mountain at the height of 1,430 meters above sea level. Hai Vong Dai can be translated in English with the meaning as the sea observatory, because from Hai Vong Dai you can admire the stunning panoramic view of sandy Lang Co beach and turquoise lagoons. 

From Hai Vong Dai, you can do a trek down the mountain, look for the direction sign and follow the Ngu Ho trail to reach Ngu Ho (the Five Lakes). It is a group of five beautiful lakes located close to each other but at different heights. All the lakes have their own beauty, but especially the third is known as the most beautiful one. There are also romantic waterfalls around the lakes, which create a breathtaking scenery. You can also swim in the lakes to enjoy the fresh water and relax yourself after the adventurous trekking route. 

Continue on the forest path for an hour to get to the top of Do Quyen waterfall (Rhododendron waterfall) - the most impressive waterfall of Bach Ma National Park. The waterfall flows down from the cliff about 300 meters high and it is considered as the highest waterfall in the province of Thua Thien Hue. The waterfall was named Do Quyen because there are many rhododendron flowers growing around the waterfall. In spring, from March to April, rhododendrons are in full bloom with bright red color embellishing the beauty of this majestic waterfall. 

In addition, you can expect to have an exploration to Bach Ma woods to see the valuable floras and faunas. The park has preserved more than 2100 species of plants which some rare ferns and orchids can be only found here, and more than 1,400 species of faunas, in which 93 species appear in Vietnam’s Red Data Book. Especially for those who are eager for bird-watching, the park is an ideal place with 358 species of birds which account for more than one-third of the bird species of Vietnam.

Bach Ma National Park might be a paradise for nature-lovers for not only its conservation area of the rare ecosystem but also its wonderful landscapes and trekking trails. Explore the natural beauty by joining Bach Ma National Park Tour on Jeep car with us and have a great experience at one of the most interesting destinations for ecotourism in the Central of Vietnam.

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