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A Step back in time of Vietnam’s DMZ

DMZ in Vietnam has become an icon of a war zone in Vietnam that attracts millions of visitors, especially veterans and history buffs. Step back in time with us to explore DMZ’s historical sites on DMZ jeep tour in the combination of Hamburger Hill in the mountainous district of A Luoi, to learn about the history of the Vietnam war. 

Hien Luong Bridge on Ben Hai River divided the North and the South Vietnam with the 17th Parallel during the war time, and separated many local Vietnamese families as the Geneva Agreement signed in 1954. The temporary division was expected to last for only two years, but then it remained for 21 years until the national reunification in 1975. Throughout this prolonged struggle period, Hien Luong Bridge witnessed the conflicts between each side, and was symbolized as the division, the pain of loss and separation. To memorize this legendary Hien Luong bridge, the reunification monuments, propaganda war remnants and memorials were built on both banks of Ben Hai river which are now the important historical relics of Quang Tri Province. Visitors can stop by a small museum here to learn more about the history and the significance of Hien Luong bridge in the past.

Located on the coast 37 kilometres north of Dong Ha town, the complex of Vinh Moc tunnel is the remains of a coastal village, and were built to shelter locals from the American bombing. The tunnels were secretly constructed in several stages beginning in 1966 until early 1972. The complex included wells, kitchens, study and healthcare spaces for more than sixty families who lived and worked in three levels of tunnels running for almost 2 kilometres. Today, most of the tunnels are kept in their original form and are open for visitors to come and see the daily life of villagers underground during the war time. 

Khe Sanh combat base witnessed the most famous battle of the Vietnam War, which occured during and after the Tet Offensive in 1968. About 500 Americans and 10,000 North Vietnamese troops died around this highland combat base. During the 77 day siege in 1968, the hillsides trembled with the impact of 1000kg bombs, white phosphorus shells, napalm, and countless artillery rounds. Today, most of the area is peaceful and overgrown by wilderness of coffee and banana plants. The site is occupied by a small museum which displays some historical photographs, weapons and reconstructed bunkers and American aircrafts. 

These historical sites of the Demilitarized Zone have become top attractions for war veterans and those who are interested in learning the recent history of Vietnam. A guided trip to these historical sites will be easier and more informative, go with us on the adventurous trip of DMZ jeep tour to have the great experiences of the historical war sites in the Central of Vietnam.

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