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Re: Thank You Letter From Booking code 0504/12 (19/04/2012)

Alita McMenamin

Hello Ms Huyen

The trip was great – everything was very well organised. I wish we had some more time but we saw and did a lot in the time we had.

The hotels were all very good – well located and good facilities.
The guides were all good. Their English was pretty good – some better than others. Knowledge was also pretty good.
The only feedback I'd give which might be helpful is to provide some information on the history, background to places we visit, common Vietnamese phrases etc. I've travelled with Intrepid before and the trip notes they provide are really helpful.

Overall we had a very lovely time and everything was fantastic.

Thanks again



Re: Thank You Letter From Eco Travel In Viet Nam (14/12/2011)

Leslie and Lenny Alexander

Dear Hien

So good to hear from you. We think of you often with fond memories. We tell all of our friends about you and our wonderful visit to vietnam. We will write to trip advisor and tell them all about you. I hope you and your family are well, and celebrating a wonderful holiday season.

Leslie and Lenny Alexander

Re: Thank You Letter From Eco Travel In Viet Nam (27/10/2011)

Mr Alfonso Seangio

Dear Sir and Ms Hein

Our trip in Saigon we great and have a very great time. Our tour guide Thanh Tran Ngoc speak very well in English and well experience tour person who know everything on places we visited. His knowledge is great that I highly recommend him to be then tour guide to our visitor. He is a very kind person who goes out of his way to give our needs on places we would like to see. He also walk with us and protected us where ever we go. The driver is also good driver and careful on his driving. My wife feel very comfortable with this driver.

I also like to thank Ms Hein on her itinerary she set for us. It was very well done. She go out of her way to make us happy. Surely I will pass this info to my colleagues with the department of foreign affairs and to our friends and the embassyies of Canada. The cost was right and the service was great.

Thanks  to Ms Hein and our tour guide, Tran.

Re: Thank You Letter From Eco Travel In Viet Nam (08/10/2010)

Deacon Norris

Hello Hien,

Yes we do remember you and how helpful you were with all our travel enquiries. We had a wonderful time in your country and have very fond memories of our holiday there. We recommend you whenever we can and thank you for all your help.

We hope that you are also in good health and living a happy life too.

Thank you


Deacon, Cathy and family

Re: Thank You Letter From Eco Travel In Viet Nam (08/10/2010)

Binh Bui

Dear Co Hien

Of course I remember you. I am not sure any of my friends have used your service as a result of my recommendation. Nevertheless I always talk highly about the Eco Tour as my family and myself were entirely happy with the way you conduct your business. And I sincerely wish my friends have an opportunity to tour Vietnam with your assistance.

I am fine, busy with work and home, as usual. I have no plan to return to VN in short time frame, however, if I do, I will stay in Hue a week or two, I believe one or two nights in Hue won't do the justice for this lovely city. Hue plays important role in me as the grandpa of my Mother was of Hue origin and one of my girlfriend in 1976/77 was also a Hue girl.

I hope everything is working well with you and if I visit VN in future, sure I will contact you for advice.